All Day Hey! 2020

One of the unexpected-but-welcomed benefits of living in a locked-down world is having the majority of tech conferences move to a digital-only distribution.

Today I attended the All Day Hey! 2020 conference, currated by Josh Nesbitt and Harry Roberts, that is traditionally hosted in Leeds each year.

All Day Hey! 2020

Hosted by Netlify’s Phil Hawksworth, the event featured a wide scope of design and technical talent, kicking off with Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Magazine presenting on Smart Interface Design Patterns. I really loved this UI/UX focussed look at modern best practices and exceptional creativity in responsive design, and some really unique design concepts. Some highlights included:

The extremely creative technologist Charlotte Dann followed by presenting the story and tech behind her custom jewellery production startup Hexatope.

Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate Asim Hussain closed the show with his presentation Principles of Green Application Architecture Design. He discussed the responsibilities the tech sector shares in contributing to a sustainable environment. Writing efficient code to run on optimised infrastructure is one of the leading ambitions of his initiative Princples.Green that is helping define Sustainable Software Engineering, and is something I will continue to track.