Marathon Month: Week 1

Monday 5 July 2021

I was finding it really hard to get productive today, suffering from incapacitation due to overburden. With a number of deliveries slightly behind or due imminently, I couldn’t generate the focus to start on any single thing. It was frustrating and depressing to watch myself fretting away hours of potential productivity.

As is so often the case though, deliberately breaking from work environment entirely to do something otherwise constructive. In my case: getting my run in.

I set a target of 12.5km (7.77mi) and took a new route that consisted of a consistent uphill climb for the first 5km. My legs were pretty drained by the time I reached the peak, but I did take a moment to enjoy the achievement, before pacing my decent. The route took me past old work locations, my old home of seven years, and along much of my old running route, which I enjoyed a lot.

Running past my finishing point on 10km was a temptingly convenient end, but I still felt good, was loving the weather and extended through the town centre and along the sea front before finishing 12.5km in 1h 27m. No niggles or pains to report, but I did take care to stretch well before beginning.

Of course my mood is now lifted, I’ve recovered, showered, changed and feel settled to now put a few solid hours of work in to close the day productively.